AB Saloj

About AB




       Raw talent, endless creativity, and hard work combine to create one of the most inspiring individuals of right now. His vision and effective planning bring the unimaginable to life. He is driven and highly ambitious, pushing himself to give his clients above and beyond their expectations. With over a decade of experience in the fields of web design, graphic design, photography, logo design, 3D animation, and video concepts, AB is a creative agency all in one. His understanding, abilities, and execution make creating and building a brand.

       Coming from experience working with top tier companies and brands such as Ignition Creative, Fabb Group, The Golden Kingdom. His top priority is and has always been his craftsmanship.   

       AB always begins with a clear understanding and direction of his vision.  One of the most important elements that makes his work outstanding is his attention to details.   

       His goal is to bring to life impactful and visually striking images.  His abilities are a refreshing taste of soul, driven by hardwork and passion.  Fearless and forever pushing forward, AB pulls from his favorite influences such as Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali, and Philipe Starck. His work is colorful, artistic, strong, and it breathes throughout time.  Eager to be challenged with a new project, he is always ready to work together to create an effective campaign, starting with the imagination, planning, and brainstorming, following the steps all the way through completion.  Working closely with his team at his design agency The Golden Kingdom, AB’s insight and experience help his teammates develop themselves into better artists and creative thinkers.



Email: AbeSaloj@gmail.com